WSGA dish out stress relief

Sweet Study Break Students feast on cupcakes in the LLC. The Washburn Residential Council handed out free cupcakes to give students relief during Finals. WSGA also hosted events during finals.

“Get Stacked!” This is the theme of this year’s Finals Week Studython that many students will be participating in, sponsored by the Washburn Student Government Association.

“These events are used to help bring students to the library so that they can study,” said Shelbie Konkle, head of the Campus Affairs Committee in charge of organizing this event.

On Sunday night, the activities begin with free pizza and energy drinks given out to students. Monday night followed the same way, with a chance for adding some additional study tools, as well.

“In the past, on Monday, we’ve handed out coffee mugs, tumblers, flash drives and other study kits that can help aid the students for preparing,” said Konkle.

On Tuesday night, instead of being at Mabee Library, the WSGA moved the collection of various snacks and pop to the LLC lower floor, where students who studied in their own rooms could take advantage of them.

Wednesday morning opens up with breakfast in Mabee Library for all of those morning finals and early risers.

Thursday promises to be a delicious time, with fresh hot wings being brought in.

“We do all of these events at different times throughout the week so that the students with morning finals can eat late and the students with late finals can eat early,” said Konkle. “We have to be fair to everyone.”

There are also quite a few simplistic ideas behind these events that are proven to add success to finals.

First, if students want food, they have to go to the library. If they want more pizza or energy drinks they will have to spend a longer time period there. The hope is, with that extra time, they will spend time looking over notes and reading their books.

Second, they don’t have to leave the library to get food. This takes away the time from walking to and from the food, not to mention getting the food, and puts it back into study time.

“Finally, who doesn’t like free food?” said Konkle. “This will help give a stress-free environment where more learning can be done.”

Another reason these events go on is because it is a tradition. WSGA’s goal is to continually help students in the academic arena, and this gives off plenty of signs that that is occurring.

“A few reminders include that Mabee Library is open 24 hours during finals week,” said Konkle. “Also, there will be flyers around to remind everyone of all of the free food we’re giving out.”

Finally, if students have suggestions for what next semester’s theme should be, they can contact the Washburn Student Government Association in the lower level of the Washburn Memorial Union to give them the ideas.