McHenry captures 300th win

The big 300 Ron McHenry, Lady Blues head basketball coach, debates with a referee. Over winter break, McHenry celebrated his 300th career win. So far this season, WU has a 15-3 record..

To have heart is defined as having compassion and a compassionate person is defined as someone who sees and cares for all they’re responsible for.

Here, amongst the students and staff members of Washburn University, Ron McHenry, head women’s basketball coach, in which this title falls true. A compassionate coach who, with years of experience and endurance, has recently earned his 300th win as the Lady Blues basketball coach.

McHenry has been the head coach of the Washburn University women’s basketball program for 12 years. Although, when McHenry first began to work for Washburn University as a coach, he was the assistant coach of the men’s team.

“I was the men’s assistant coach for 11 years,” said McHenry. “So, when the opportunity presented itself to apply for the women’s head coaching position, I did.”

McHenry’s method with his players is for one thing to be a constant throughout the season.

“I love players that want to compete who want to use competition as a fuel,” said McHenry

Having earned his 300th win hasn’t altered McHenry’s state of mind as the head coach.

“It really doesn’t feel any different than win 10 did,” said McHenry.

Coaches are expected to keep an eye on the next possible win.

“You don’t keep track of those numbers,” said McHenry, “You keep track of the losses instead, not the wins.”

A coach always keeps his eye on the area where improvement could be needed.

Overall, McHenry heart is still just in the game and his players.

“Even with 300 wins, I just really enjoy coaching,” said McHenry.

With his 12 years experience McHenry’s passion for the game has continued to grow.

“I really enjoy being around young people that like what they do,” said McHenry, “It has kept me feeling young as I continually get older.”

Now, after a consecutive win against the Emporia Hornets, McHenry is preparing his team for their next opponents.

“We have gotten better,” said McHenry “We can still improve, and that is always exciting.”

With a good group of players and a good crowd, McHenry is hoping to continue his season with his career win of game 301.

Reflecting on the past seasons, McHenry is more anxious than ever before.

“Every team has specific kinds of memories, both good and bad,” said McHenry.

It’s probably the little things that as a coach you really remember more than some of the other major events and according to McHenry his team is one to be remembered.