VIDEO: WIT’s Fine Dining Steak Dinner

Washburn Tech housed it’s 1st Fine Dining charity event of 2012 last Thursday, January 19. The charity event was to help raise money for the skills USA students who will be competing for the title of ‘best in class’ in the national event showcasing the knowledge they acquired in their time at Washburn Tech. Between the hours of 5 to 8 pm, those wishing to support the students could show up at the Chef’s Corner Café in the center of ‘A’ building.

Tickets could be purchased at a steal of a price; only $15 for an adult or $8 a child. With that ticket, one was entitled to a gourmet selection of either an 8 ounce ribeye or 2 grilled 4 ounce pork chops, accompanied by roasted red potatoes, succulently sautéed zucchini and squash, a sensational salad bar, homemade oven baked dinner rolls, and a slice of moist delicious chocolate cake.

Washburn Tech will be having another fine dining steak dinner next February. Stay up to date with the Washburn Review’s online branch for more info on this story.