Topeka loves Burger Stand

Since opening in September 2011, the Burger Stand’s business has been busy. Due to the boom in business, they have extended their evening hours and will have a lot on their agenda once the weather is warmer.

“[The] Burger Stand has been established as a lunch place, but Friday nights are our busiest,” said Pedro Concepcion, executive chef.

On their spring and summer menu, the Burger Stand will have some new salads that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. One of their salads will feature candied smoked bacon with blue cheese vinaigrette and sliced apples. For the summer, some fruits available will be grilled peaches, passion fruit and prickly pear. Another spring item will include a vanilla bean Guinness float.

“It’s like a milkshake with a hint of chocolate in the flavor,” said Concepcion.

One of the Burger Stand’s more popular burgers has been the fried macaroni and cheese burger. In a couple of weeks, Burger Stand will also be adding gluten-free buns. On tap, they have six local brews from the Blind Tiger, Boulevard, Free State and Tallgrass.

The Pong Bar is now available for reserved parties. Available packages and booking information are available on their website. It is advised to book at least three weeks to a month in advance to ensure availability. Ping pong is free in the mornings, but is still an inexpensive, fun activity in the evenings at $2 for a half hour and $3 for one hour. There is only about a five-minute wait on their busiest nights.

In December 2011, Burger Stand started having karaoke on Friday nights from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

“Our books are updated weekly and recently added 300 songs,” said Chris Hoffman, general manager. “If we don’t have a song available, we can download it for you.”

The Burger Stand has had live music from local musicians and plan on doing more on the patio during warmer weather on Saturday nights.

“We encourage local bands to bring in their demo CDs,” said Hoffman. “We’ll give them all a listen.”

The Burger Stand offers a 10 percent discount to military, police officers and Washburn students with ID. They are located on the corner of 16th and Lane and open daily at 11 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays they are open late until 1 a.m.

To book a reservation for the Pong Bar, please visit their website at or call (785) 783-8900.