George jettisons Juco for WU

Talent is derived in two different ways. Some athletes are born with it and some athletes strive to gain it.

What makes those athletes? Practice, sweat, family, blood and most of all—happiness. A team of athletes is built upon a strong basis—a family that works hard together is a family that will strive together.

Junior forward Tiara George first began playing basketball when she was 3 years old in Baton Rouge, La.

“From the first moment I held a basketball, I always had one in my hand,” said George.

George then grew to be a more competitive player during her middle school years while attending McKinley Middle School and then later on at Glen Oaks High School.

“I really became more involved with basketball outside of school while playing on an AAU team when I was 10 years old,” said George.

Soon afterwards, George attended Angelina Junior College in Lufkin, Texas, which she said gave her the experience she needed when to take her talents to Washburn.

“I played multiple positions in the past,” said George.

It was at a tournament in Dallas that first showcased George’s skills to Ron McHenry, Washburn women’s head basketball coach.

McHenry said he believes that with time, George will be a complete player.

“She is very talented offensively,” said McHenry. “She gives us a strong, athletic player from the post position.”

According to George, McHenry has been a coach unlike any other she’s had the pleasure of playing for.

“I thought that I had a strong and unlimited passion for basketball,” said George, “but Coach McHenry has a much stronger and more powerful passion for the game.”

With intense practices and hard arrangements, as both a student and an athlete, McHenry taught George that everything worth having takes patience and hard dedication to earn.

“I had a difficult time getting used to Coach McHenry’s system at first,” said George, “but I knew after I arrived at Washburn University that I was in the right place and playing for the right coach.”

With the Lady Blues most recent opponent being Emporia State, George said the Lady Blues fought hard for their win.

“The lead could have been bigger,” said George, “but we did we what we had to do as a team to obtain it.”

On a personal level, George feels said the harder the Blues work, the easier it will be to transition to playing to the upmost of her abilites.

“If we, the team, didn’t practice longer than the regular team did, then we wouldn’t have the work ethic to play as hard as we do and come out with a win,” said George.

Overall, George feels the family vibe has been the greatest aspect of her time while playing with the Lady Blues at Washburn.

“With Coach McHenry’s help,” said George, “we are one crowd, one voice, one team, and this is our year.”