WU welcomes Wangler back

From 2006-09, Jeremy Wangler worked for Washburn University as the assistant sports information director. However, WU ended up losing Wangler to then-conference rival University of Nebraska-Omaha for a few years.

As a student at UNO, Wangler dreamed of working for his alma mater.

“The position opened up, and it was a lot closer to family and friends,” said Wangler. “It just felt like a good move.”

However, the situation turned back around when the same position opened back up for Washburn. It gave Wangler the chance to re-evaluate his career and determine where he really wanted to be.

“It was great to be home, but it just wasn’t the same environment as Washburn,” said Wangler.

Along with that, he went on to list other reasons for his return. He listed a greater cohesiveness between the sports information director, the fact that WU was a more embracing community and a smaller school.

Washburn sports information director Gene Cassell still embraced Wangler as one of WU’s own.

“When the opening came up, we were still talking as friends,” said Cassell. “We were a tight group before and decided to bring him back.”

Not only is Jeremy back as the assistant sports information director—he is also assistant marketing director.

Both of these jobs include many responsibilities, such as promoting sports, getting information to the public and media, updating the website, creating press releases, making game notes and designing media guides. That is only on the SID part of the job. His marketing job includes selling advertisements, organizing in-game promotions, designing programs and writing promotion reads.

Doing both jobs requires organization and work-ethic. Cassell said that doing all of these jobs is a difficult task to accomplish.

“What can I say,” said Cassell, “he does what’s needed to be done every time. I can’t ask for more than that.”

Wangler is also an accomplished media guide designer, as he has won several CoSIDA National Contests for Division II.

In fact, Wangler has taken home 18 of these awards between working at Washburn and UNO.

Both Cassell and Wangler admit to being extremely proud of these awards.

“I learned so much from both head directors at both colleges,” said Wangler. “I was extremely proud to win the National Contest in Division II.”

Not only does bringing awards to Washburn excite Cassell, but being able to gain the advantage in other areas creates quite a buzz with the media guides.

“It’s something we pride ourselves in,” said Cassell. “We can give those to recruits and who knows how much a sharp looking guide will influence a possible prospect.”

As happy as Wangler is to be back at Washburn, there is also a personal event happening in his life that he is excited about.

His wife, Michaela Saunders, gave birth Jan. 22 to the couple’s first-born child, Clark Nelson Wangler. Michaela is the web editor in the University Relations office at WU.

“It will be something that I will have to re-evaluate my time with,” said Wangler before the baby’s birth. “But we are both extremely excited to bring in an Ichabod – even though that will not be the name of the baby.”