Blues ride six game win streak into Lincoln

Case of the Blues The Lady Blues stomp the sting of the Emporia State University Lady Hornets, winning 73-66. They have won nine of their last 10 games, giving them a record of 15-3.

Free from the oppressive shackles of academic study, the Washburn University Lady Blues basketball team exploded past all adversaries, never losing a single game over winter break.

Victims to the Tao of WU over the past month include Fort Hays State, Truman State, Missouri Western State, Central Missouri, Southwest Baptist, Missouri Southern State and Pittsburg State Universities.

The most recent casualty of the Lady Blues before returning for the spring semester was the Emporia State University Lady Hornets this past Saturday, 73-66.

A key component to WU’s victories has been Tiara George, junior forward, who has shot 77 percent over the past six games.

“We brought in Tiara George at mid-semester,” said Ron McHenry, Washburn head coach. “It was good for her just to go in and practice and play and really focus. She’s starting to become a bigger part of the team.”

While McHenry typically doesn’t look forward to winter break as a time to improve on basketball, he feels it was beneficial for the girls on the team.

“We have a lot of kids with some difficult degrees,” said McHenry. “Cassie and Dana are in nursing. That takes a lot of time and energy. To be at the level they are, sometimes that takes a toll on you. When we go out there fresh, and school’s not going on, we can concentrate more on what we want to do.”

According to McHenry, the time away from studying makes no difference, as his team always has basketball on their minds.

“Every day, it’s the same time, and it’s the same routine,” said McHenry. “You can work on a lot of things. You can put new things in, and you can work new kids into your system.”

Despite what McHenry called great rebounding and defense, the coach said that the Lady Blues have to bring a high level of competition, especially against a formidable opponent like ESU.

“Both teams are normally ranked in the top 20 in the country,” said McHenry. “We have to line up and compete very heavily and compete when it doesn’t feel good. I think that’s the biggest thing in sports is you compete all the time.”

The Lady Blues next head to Jefferson City, Mo. today to confront the Lincoln University of Missouri Blue Tigers.

“Lincoln’s very talented this year,” said McHenry. “They picked up some wins and surprised some people. They got a nice talented group. Our group’s been pretty mature about that. It’s one of our first over-nighters in the middle of the week. We’ll go out there and get ready to go to work.”