Coalition serves students in need

The Washburn Human Services Coalition is a national organization to help people who are in need, such as drug abuse, homelessness and racism.

They give classes and lectures to encourage students and faculties to join them to help people in need. According to their mission, they enhance the academic experience of human service students and work toward the betterment of the community and to provide a medium for cooperation among faculty, students and individuals working in the field of human services.

They promote the ethical standards of human service professionals set by the national organization of human services and the code of ethics of the Tau Upsilon Alpha, the national honor society for human services.

According to Richard Anson, the president of WHSC, they focus on different social problems and separate into dissimilar groups. Each group charges a special problem.

Anson said that WHSC once raised money to assist two homeless families to find houses during the last Christmas and it is their big honor. And in the last semester, they organized donation for wounded warriors back from Afghanistan and Iraq. Now they mainly pay attention to the following two topics. One is to help women and children live a high standard of life, such as providing food and clothes. The second is to provide date-care for university students who have babies.

During the spring break, from March 22 to March 24, they will hold a conference called Midwest Organization for Human Services 2012 Regional Conference in Jackson Michigan. This conference aims to empower their client populations and help them to become agents of change.

Through this conference, it will raise awareness, focus attention, provide invaluable insight and provide potential treatment modalities for diverse clients. During the conference, they have classes together and discuss new ideas. They also talk to individuals to help them get rid of the current bad situation.

When it comes to the foundation, they raise money from general faculties and students through giving lectures to challenge other organizations to donate.

“We are a little organization so we lack foundation,” said Anson. “I hope I can find a topic close to students and attract them to focus on what we do and join us like talking with me. To be honest, we are students without a lot of money. I hope I will receive donations from our president.”

At the end, Anson thanked people who made contributions to the organization. He thanked Diane McMillan for her support and Bernadehe McNown for all the Christmas money she raised.