CAB, WSGA host black light dance party

Next week, students will have the chance to go “Back in Black” to a blacklight dance sponsored by the Washburn Student Government Association and Washburn University Campus Activities Board.

WSGA first started looking at the idea of another dance after the homecoming dance had resulted in many students practically begging for another dance. 

“Honestly, the homecoming dance was so successful that we just had to put on another dance,” said Amber Kissell, special events director for WSGA. “We decided to go a little less formal and the idea of using blacks lights came up, it was perfect.”

However, CAB was also looking at the idea of sponsoring another dance. With both groups interested, it was only reasonable to work together to put on an even better dance.

When things first began, they had a meeting with members from WSGA and CAB. Instead of everyone focusing on every little detail, though, they decided to break down their group in smaller groups of people that really wanted to work on each part.

“I think it is great that WSGA and CAB could partner together to help create an awesome dance,” said Alex Olson, assistant director of varieties and entertainment for CAB. “It has been really great working with them because of their enthusiasm and teamwork.”

For those who are not sure exactly what to wear to this event, WSGA and CAB make it is fairly simple. The two groups are offering 100 free white t-shirts to the first 100 students that attend. There will also be highlighters to decorate these shirts to really make them glow.

“CAB appreciates anything that helps makes Washburn a better, more enjoyable environment for the students,” said Olson. “We support all other student organizations here on campus, like WSGA.”

In fact, providing programs and events for the Washburn campus and surrounding community is the primary goal of CAB.

“CAB will be taking more of a prominent role in providing programs to Washburn,” said Olson. “We’re planning movie nights, a spring egg hunt and several musical acts.”

CAB has been involved with bringing several activities to the local Washburn scene. They have sponsored Melissa Villesanor, a comedian, Stan Person, a motivational speaker, a “Say-Cheeze” photo booth on Valentine’s Day, and plan on bringing many others throughout the rest of the semester.

“We’re looking to make the last weeks here at Washburn as enjoyable as possible,” said Olson.

Both organizations have expressed the desire to be a voice for students and host a variety of events ranging from thought provoking speakers to fun dances.

“We want to give events that students want to attend,” said Kissell. “If students want a dance, we’ll give them another one.”

The event will occur next Tuesday, March 6, at the Washburn A & B Room from 7 to 10 p.m.