Rainey leads Lady Blues Tennis

With the women’s tennis season currently, the girls’ hard work and determination grows every practice in anticipation for their next game and according to senior nursing major, Morgan Rainey, the senior girls on the team are ready to lead their team into a great season.

Last season, the Washburn Lady Blues wrapped up their season at the ITA South Central Regional Tournament where Rainey reached the quarterfinals of the tournament as a junior. Rainey ended up playing into round 16 of that tournament along with her teammate, Whitley Zitsch, who reached round 32 of the tournament.

Rainey, who spoke on behalf of her senior teammates, said that this season feels like “one chapter of tennis is about to close at Washburn University, even though it is a lifelong sport.”

According to Rainey, she has seen great improvements in her teammates this season already.

“I am very excited to see what we will do,” said Rainey, “I’m sure we will have on common goal this season and that is to win conference like we did during my sophomore year.”

Rainey, having already played tennis for 16 years now, has commented and confirmed that she will indeed continue to play tennis after her upcoming graduation from college.

As one of seven current seniors on the women’s Lady Blue’s tennis team, Rainey has described her experience with the team has one she’ll never forget. “It’s been wonderful being a part of the Washburn University tennis team,” said Rainey.

Rainey first began playing tennis at the Barstow School in Kansas City, Mo., where she played all four years and was four time district champion.

“My dad started having me play tennis at the age of six, so its all that I’ve ever known,” said Rainey.

With a complex schedule coming in high school, Rainey and her parents decided to pursue tennis full time.

“Tennis offers some great opportunities,” said Rainey, “Especially for a female athlete.”

Rainey then transferred to Washburn University from Drake during the first few months of her freshman year.

“Dropping to a division two school gave me a little less pressure on having all of my time devoted to tennis,” said Rainey.

The Washburn Lady Blues women’s tennis head coach, Dave Alden, then helped welcome and introduce Rainey to the program when she began looking for a university with an excellent nursing program.

“When I transferred, I instantly felt welcomed with open arms,” said Rainey.

She also stated that it has been a great learning process with the others girls.

“We’ve bonded together, lost together, and won together,” said Rainey, “that’s how we’re a team.”

The Washburn Lady Blues tennis team will next play on Feb. 24, where they will face off against Arkansas-Fort Smith at Arkansas-Fort Smith at 2 p.m.