‘Sex shapes U.S.’

Sex Ed Kerry Wynn, assistant professor at Washburn, gives a lecture on the historical impact of sex on the contemporary world. Wynn teaches the “Sex In America” class at Washburn.

Some individuals show a large knack for learning.

Born in Peoria, Ill., Kerry Wynn, Washburn assistant professor, was one of these people.

“The one thing I remember about my childhood is that I just loved to read,” said Wynn. “Any time I had the chance, I would pick up a book and start reading.”

Following high school, Wynn attended Bradley University located in Peoria. Although she loved her education, she was still confused about what she wanted to be. As a freshman, she completed the year undecided.

As a sophomore, she got an idea as to what might be best for her.

“I finally started studying English literature and history because I couldn’t choose,” said Wynn. “I also became very interested in women’s studies, so I minored in that.”

When it came time to finish her undergraduate program, Wynn moved on to the University of Illinois where she decided she wanted to write/make history: particularly in women’s studies.

“Teaching was the main track at the university there,” said Wynn. “The first time I taught as a teacher’s assistant, I absolutely loved it.”

As interesting as Wynn’s personal story is, her road to teaching is one of a typical professor. However, one factor that others might not expect is the subject in which she teaches.

The oldest of three girls and a graduate of a catholic high school, Wynn is currently  teaching the “Sex in America” class at Washburn.

“Sex has had a historical impact of the contemporary world,” said Wynn. “It’s fascinating how wide of a range it includes: religion, politics, ethics, economics, etc.”

There are several other important aspects Wynn finds fascinating, as well.

Wynn remembers articles she was given at her graduate program vividly and tries to find those articles and bring them back. These articles were insightful into unlocking the reasoning behind some of the biggest choices made over the last 20 to 30 years.

“It reveals a mystery that nobody really even knows about,” said Wynn. “It’s very eye opening.”

Another reason she appreciates the study is that it has had such a major impact on the development of the United States. The class blows away any allusions of the business side of life and explores the sexual natures behind life.

“Sex has shaped America into what it is now and continues to shape each and every one of us today,” said Wynn.