Faculty program benefits dorm residents

Included in the design of the Living Learning Center is an apartment for a faculty-in-residence, which has been successful with its contributions to the Washburn campus. The LLC is now looking for someone to serve in the faculty-in-residence capacity for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The FIR is a member of the residential living leadership staff. The staff’s goal is to create, through collaboration, a supportive learning environment.

“It’s a benefit to have one here because of the additional programs that they put on and for the outreach that they make,” said Mindy Rendon, the director of residential living. “Students who make better connections with their faculty members are more likely to be successful.”

The FIR position has been open since the LLC opened. The FIR will be responsible for providing support by attending hall meetings, events and activities and by planning educational programs throughout the academic year.

“There was always a thought that something would be in place to have a faculty that lives in the building, who would be a response for the students, that students can see how approachable a faculty person can be and just have the access to them,” said Rendon.

Trang Le Nguyen, a graduate business major, was living in the village for three years and the LLC for one year. She works as a room advisor and thinks it is a good and convenient program.

“If something happens to us, they are the first ones to be there,” said Nguyen. “The fire alarm, some drinking and so on, they will always be there. We can ask the faculty if the residents ask us some questions that we don’t know. They also know how to recruit the RAs, and how to train them.”

Rendon said the position is currently open. The FIR will be provided with a furnished one-bedroom apartment and partial board plan (during the fall and spring semester) for the duration of the FIR agreement and will also be provided with a programming budget.  

“I am very excited to get people better interested in applying for the position,” said Rendon. “We had the same person for the last three years that has been really successful, so I am just looking forward to see what someone else can bring to the department.”

Rendon said that there will also be other opportunities for involvement in the residence halls. They will continue the faculty-staff mentor program for specific residential communities within all four housing units (LLC, West Hall, Kuehne Hall and the Washburn Village).  

In addition, the residential living team will be looking for volunteers to serve on the WU Move Crew, Aug. 16, as they welcome new students to campus.

If interested in this opportunity, please complete the application form and return it to:  Mindy Rendon, Residential Living Office, Living Learning Center.  

Please direct any questions you may have to Rendon at extension 1065 or [email protected]. Applications will be accepted until March 16.