‘Forget Me Not’ already forgotten

“Forget Me Not” starts off intriguing enough with a young girl running scared through a cemetery. When she frantically reaches a house, she’s asked “What happened?”

Between calming down and catching her breath she only replies, “I don’t remember.”

For the majority of the movie, I, too could not remember something: Why I chose the movie and why I continued to watch it.

The incident that really moves the film forward happens after a party. The teens decide to go to the cemetery to play their favorite game when a random girl shows up asking to play with them. She wins the game but vanishes by jumping off a cliff. Before she jumps, she asks the main character, Sandy, “Do you remember me? You will.”

At first, the plot isn’t entirely clear. It’s an apparent “teen” horror, although half of the teens appear to be late 20s or early 30s.

It mainly focuses on three couples, although some are unfaithful, so it was hard to determine who was essentially together. When the characters started mysteriously dying, I wasn’t even sure why.

The movie closely follows the characters Sandy, her boyfriend Jake and her brother Eli. After two of their friends have mysteriously died and been forgotten, Sandy asks the group where TJ is. They all look at her as if she’s crazy and ask her who TJ is in return.

I couldn’t tell if Sandy was crazy, the writing was bad, her friends were crazy or what the hell was going on, really.

To add to the confusion, multiple aspects of the movie stop making sense.

While at a convenience store, Jake asks Sandy if she’s ready to go. She looks for the bike that they rode to the convenience store when Jake tells her that he left it at home. The character who was TJ’s girlfriend earlier in the movie comes out of the store not only single, but in jeans and a t-shirt. She was previously wearing a bikini top and a skirt.

I start to infer that whenever a character dies, Sandy is the only one to remember them. All of the others think she’s losing her mind and don’t remember anything about the others. Apparently, playing the favorite game in the cemetery again set forth the game into real life.

Even if you can get past the confusing story line, the “ghosts” weren’t scary. They appeared to be the characters dying off, turning into the “ghosts” like in the game. In some instances, the movie could have scary moments. However, they were ruined.

For example, before a guy gets into his car you can see the ghost get in. Now you’re just waiting for the scare to happen.

The last 20 minutes or so is when I started to actually like the movie. I know now the “rules” of the game and understand what is actually going on.

It was a mediocre movie, with a first class ending.

Overall, I didn’t love it, and I didn’t really hate it. It could have definitely been better. “Forget Me Not?” I think I already forgot.