‘Manhattan Murder Mystery’ is a must see on NETFLIX

It’s hard to pull off a suspenseful murder mystery with humor. A few that I believe make the cut are the 1989 classic, The ‘Burbs, starring Tom Hanks, and the more recent 2007, Disturbia, which stars the silver screen’s youngling, Shia Labeouf, and then there is also Woody Allen’s, Manhattan Murder Mystery.

This 1993 Allen creation brings comedic thriller to a whole new level. Allen himself stars alongside Diane Keaton as Larry and Carol Lipton. The Lipton’s are the stereotypical Manhattan empty-nest dwellers with not much excitement in life until Carol suspects foul play with a neighbor.
This mystery is brilliantly executed with a veteran acting cast including Jerry Adler, Alan Alda, Angelica Huston, Joy Behar just to name a few. With Allen’s use of dry humor that’s not too overdone or gimmicky, and with just the right amount of suspense viewers will enjoy Manhattan Murder Mystery.