VIDEO: Washburn hosts ‘Survivor’ casting call

Students may see their fellow Washburn classmates on the CBS hit reality series Survivor in the future.

Monday evening, Washburn hosted an open casting call for the show in Memorial Union. More than 150 people attended the casting. Before participating, applicants  were required to fill out a quick application. Contestant hopefuls then gave a one minute speech stating reasons why they want to be on the show. WIBW taped their auditions.

Brian Haug, account executive of WIBW, was delighted with the turnout.

“This event is an excellent opportunity for Washburn,” said Haug. “If someone is selected to cast from here they will get a chance to be on national television, which would be great publicity for the university.”

Haug has previously handled casting calls for Amazing Race and Survivor and has attended the last six Survivor finales.

Casting calls have never been held at Washburn University before.

“This event turned out to be successful, we had great public support,” said Haug. “Amanda Hughes from university relations was awesome and helped us get the facility for this event and we had great publicity getting people here.”

There are advantages to hosting the Survivor tryouts at Washburn University.

“Washburn has a beautiful campus, and it has a terrific setup and everyone is glad to be here” said Haug.

Among the contestant hopefuls was Kore Lippoldt, senior at Washburn. Lippoldt said she was glad she got the opportunity to attend tryouts.

“I actually met a guy that flew in from Michigan in the union and he pulled me aside and asked me if I was going to audition for survivor, I thought about it and mustered up the courage to audition,” said Lippoldt. “I went into this event just wanting to say I auditioned for Survivor. I don’t expect to be cast but if I am selected to be casted, that would be awesome. One thing I plan to benefit from the show are obviously survival skills and stepping out of my comfort zone.”

Terri Payne a ninth grade teacher from Manhattan, Kan., seemed to be excited to participate in the tryout.

“I signed up for this event because, first of all, I love adventure. I watch Survivor and from other castaways on the show, I know I can do better,” said Payne. “The application was fast and easy, yet nerve racking. I wasn’t really wanting to perform in front of a bunch of people, but one thing I hope to benefit from this experience is to learn to perform.”

Austin Robertson, a junior from University of Kansas, found out about Survivor tryouts on WIBW’s website. He was happy to get an opportunity to come down and meet people from many different parts of the country.

“I tried out because it sounded like fun. It was something new,” said Robertson. “The application process was easy; they didn’t tell you what they’re going to do. I think they like to leave it open ended, overall very easy. One thing I plan to benefit from this event is the million dollars, just kidding. Mainly the experience I think it would be a lot of fun to be on the show and see different parts of the world.”