WU student wins NOTO logo contest

The NOTO Arts District recently announced Angela Broadhead, a local artist, as the winner for their logo contest that was held in February.

All contestants were to design and submit up to three logos for the NOTO’s upcoming Saturday Market in a way that would best represent the market.

“I was actually really surprised when I found out that I had won,” said Broadhead, a senior mass media major at Washburn. “A friend of mine actually told me about the contest. At first, I didn’t think I was going to have the time to create and submit anything, but I ended up creating three different entries. It was great to be able to tell my mom and daughters that I had won, and it was a really fun experience.”

Aside from designing the NOTO Saturday market logo, Broadhead works for Kid Stuff Marketing, and she does freelance artwork and volunteer artwork, while also being a copywriter. With more than 20 years of advertising experience, Broadhead has created many different logos and designs for restaurants and food chains across the nation and even international chains.

“It’s really cool to go to a restaurant and see designs on either the kids’ toy package or an advertising poster outside the food place and know that I created it,” said Broadhead. “I’ll sometimes even see people wearing a shirt I designed years ago and the fact that they are still wearing it is a huge compliment to me.”

What makes Broadhead especially unique is her interest in antiques and her ability to take a bunch of different used pieces of material and create something new and unique to use inside a home.

“I love catering to the students,” said Broadhead. “I am always fixing up different things so students and everyone else will have something different for their dorms or apartments. I also collect old advertisements and have a bunch of unique furniture throughout my home. It gives it a modern touch to the place.”

Broadhead has a booth in the NOTO district downtown Topeka that is open on First Fridays and a booth in downtown Lawrence where she sells her crafted Antiques.

Not to mention she creates all different types of designs such as t-shirts, logos, advertisements, album covers, copywriting, and much more.

For more information about Broadhead or to find out how you can get artwork designed from her, contact her at (785) 220-8452 or e-mail her at [email protected].