Two seniors exhibit art on campus

Senior Artists Two senior exhibits are on display on campus. The top art is by Cameron Wrightsman, and the bottom art is by Michael Debernardin.

“La mia collezione” and “Tradition” are just two of the many senior art exhibits scheduled to be displayed this semester.

The two exhibits are currently displayed in the art building and theater gallery.  Both will remain up until April 13.

“I believe it means ‘My collection’ in Italian,” said  Michael Debernardin, senior art and business integrated studies major. “I was named after a great uncle that was a painter who lived in Italy.”

Debernardin’s exhibit is currently displayed at the theater gallery.

“I’ve been interested in art and interested in painting since I was little,” said Cameron Wrightsman, senior art major.  “It’s been a constant, kind of an ongoing thing for me. So to come to Washburn and pursue fine arts was just the obvious choice.”

Wrightsman’s exhibit is entitled “Transition.” The exhibit is currently displayed at the art building. His paintings will be showcased on the first floor with his prints and drawings on the second floor.

The gallery talk for art students and faculty for Wrightsman’s exhibit is today at noon, in the art building. Wrightsman’s gallery reception is set for Thursday, from 6 to 8 p.m. For Debernardin’s exhibit,  the gallery talk will be held at noon, April 11.  There will be no gallery reception.

As one requirement of the senior exhibits is to use two different mediums, students must consider options.

“The media that I decided to go with, the watercolor and oil paintings, I chose because I thought that would be my best representation of my painting,” said Debernardin.

Kansas landscapes and portraiture are some of his favorites to paint.

While Wrightsman has an emphasis in painting, he likes other ways to showcase his drawing talent.  “My time here at Washburn, within the art department, has been exploration of different style and process,” said Wrightsman. “I don’t have a particular favorite per se.”

“Transition” includes several photo based or photo realism styled works, as well as those that are more abstract.  Wrightsman also likes to do work based in line art and manipulated canvas pieces.  “My show being called ‘transition’ is just that,” said Wrightsman. “My transition between the three processes, kind of exploring those and the eventual combination of the three.”

Transitioning after graduation is something Debernardin is working on.  Debernardin currently has an internship at Beauchamps Gallery. While interning, Debernardin enjoys learning the ins and outs of how to run a gallery and even the business behind it.

“One of the things that was impressed upon me as an artist, it’s good if you can control the space that you’re going to show paintings, or whatever your art work is, because then you don’t have to split commissions with the gallery,” said Debernardin.

After graduation, Debernardin considers the possibility of trying to start his own gallery.  While Wrightsman wants to remain involved in art, his plans differ.  Wrightsman plans include  moving to Arizona to pursue another Bachelor’s degree in animation.