Washburn faculty celebrate success

On April 17 in Washburn Room A, Washburn University honored outstanding individuals based on their academic and service performance. The annual ceremony also offered a chance for faculty to get together.

Washburn University employees were recognized for their accomplishments during the past academic year and their service in the university. There were more than 200 people attending the ceremony.

At 3:30 p.m., Jerry B. Farley, Washburn University president, gave opening words to welcome faculty and staffs.

“Thank you for what you have done this year,” said Farley. “I am very pleased to be part of this faculty.”

After the welcome, Rick Anderson, vice president of administration and treasury at Washburn presented the classified and administrative awards for years of service and Eminentes Universitatis.

Randy Pembrook, vice president of academic affairs, presented the faculty awards for years of service, Emeritus, A. Roy Myers Excellence in Research Award, Herrick Faculty Award for Outstanding Service and Ned N. Fleming Excellence in Teaching Award. Pembrook also introduced the achievements of these winners. Classified and Administrative Outstanding Service Award was given by Elieen Brouddus, member of staff council. Denise Ottinger, vice president of student life, presented the award for Muriel D. Clarke Student Life Award.

“It is a great ceremony to celebrate together and recognize their achievements,” said Amanda Hughes, assistant adviser of university relations. “We picked these winners by the student survey and their academic performance.”

Most faculty enjoyed the employee recognition and spoke highly of the ceremony.

“It is good and we can know how long they have been in Washburn,” said Bill Edmonds, supervisor of facilities.

Winners and nominees were also excited about the ceremony.

“We can celebrate together for people’s achievements,” said Heidi Staerkel, DSO/ARO and coordinator in international student services.

She was also a nominee for Outstanding Service Award.

Here is the 2012 winner list.

Emeritus were:

Raylene Hinz-Penner, lecturer in the English department; Ursula Jander, associate professor in the biology department; and Richard Moellenberdt, assistant professor in accounting, School of Business.

Outstanding Service Award winners and their categories were:

Administrative/technical/paraprofessional category: Jim Fosdick, technology support technician I, information systems and services; and Deborah Moore, director in human resources. Secretarial/clerical category: Lynn Bailey, secretary II, in the math department; Wendy Stafford, secretary II, in the biology department. Service/maintenance category: Mark Noble, electrician; and Colin McGinty, custodial worker. Muriel Clarke Student Life Award: Harrison Watts, assistant professor in criminal justice and legal studies.

Faculty receiving honors were:

Roy Myers Excellence in Research Award: James Martin, Snyder Distinguished Lecturer, school of business. Herrick Faculty Award for Outstanding Service: Pat Munzer, professor and chair in allied health. Ned N. Fleming Excellence in Teaching Award: Susie Pryor, assistant professor in school of business; and Mary Sheldon, associate professor in the English department.