ReThink Topeka hosts final art walk

ReThink Topeka is having its third annual Exhibition and Art Walk on Saturday, April 14 in downtown Topeka. The art walk will consist of many different activities, including lots of art, poetry, music, food and more.

ReThink Topeka was first started in 2006 when a couple of local Topeka members decided to help rebuild the community through art and help improve the community’s quality of life, focusing mainly on downtown Topeka.

“We were really tired of hearing negative things that were being said about Topeka,” said Justin Marable, one of the co-founders of ReThink Topeka. “So we formed ReThink Topeka to help change everyone’s view, not only inside, but people’s view outside of Topeka, as well.”

The art walk is the biggest event put on every year by ReThink Topeka to help bring everyone together and get a chance to really see and appreciate downtown Topeka, while also bringing local communities together.

After having a bumpy start getting established and becoming well-known, ReThink Topeka hopes to have the most exciting and biggest art walk yet.

“We started preparations eight months ago. Everyone that has been involved is determined to make this year the biggest and the best Art Walk,” said Bailey Marable, one of the co-founders of ReThink Topeka. “Since this will be our last Art Walk, we wanted to go out with a bang instead of just fizzling out. Now that we’ve had two years of experience, everything will be more organized, have higher quality everything and much more activities.”

This year, ReThink Topeka received a huge response from local communities for visual arts and musicians. Over 90 artists submitted artwork, and about half of them were accepted into the show by a panel of jurors. Many bands are not only from Topeka, but bands from Lawrence and Kansas City are scheduled to perform, as well. There also will be many children activities including sidewalk chalk, art activities and more.

“I would love if dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people would feel proud to be from Topeka, instead of ashamed,” said Marable. “There are so many wonderful organizations and businesses all around town that have really helped make Topeka a great place to live. The Art Walk will be just another great opportunity for everyone to realize that.”

For a small fee of two dollars, you get in to see all the venues and not to mention a neat button. For a complete list of venues, a schedule of events or more information, please visit the ReThink Topeka website at And don’t forget to check out the Art Walk finale on Saturday, April 14.