‘Buddy’, good foreign film

Netflix has a wide variety of movie genres to browse through and a great selection of foreign films.

If you are already a fan of foreign movies, you probably know that Netflix is an excellent source for finding really good ones.  If you are not a fan or are indifferent, give them a try anyway.  Many of them are so good, you forget you are reading subtitles.

Before long, you will find yourself enjoying and understanding more than just the words.

Love scenes in foreign films are more erotic and natural, more mysterious and humanizing.  The words can be so much more poetic and the phrases more eloquent.   Their heroes and heroines aren’t necessarily cookie-cutter beautiful with perfect and thin bodies.

I sometimes find myself feeling a little relieved of the pressure to look and be like the kind of people we see in American films.

Foreign movies have unpredictable endings.

That being said, in case I may have persuaded the uninitiated to give them a try, my first film is a lighthearted comedy from Norway called “Buddy.”

“Buddy” is, well, a buddy movie.  It’s about Kristoffer and Geir, two good friends with relationship issues, who have recently moved in with their new friend Stig Inge.  Stig is a quirky web designer and works out of his home.  He’s also a neat freak with agoraphobia and hasn’t left the safety of the complex where he lives for two years.

Kristoffer and Geir are billboard hangers, and Kristoffer habitually films their lives and their pranks in his spare time.  Some of the tapes are dropped on the ground when the two were being chased following one of their pranks.  They are serendipitously picked up by someone who presents them to a local television station that happens to be looking for a new show.

The station producers think the video diary is just what they’re looking for and believe it has the semblance of “Jackass, with a heart.”  They contact Kristoffer with an offer, but are a little worried about airing Stig Inge’s phobia and the fact that his friends get laughs at his expense.  The guys give the go ahead and soon become famous when their reality show is a hit with viewers.

But fame always comes at a cost, and this proves true for the trio.

“Buddy” is a feel-good and fun date movie.