WREN makes a comeback

WREN Returns Home Known as the largest wren in the world, the famous wren used to be located on the top of the WREN radio station. Now it can be found in Topeka on Topeka Boulevard and Huntoon Street.

The local radio station WREN will return in April, only this time, they will be broadcasting online. Its main program is music, including rock, folk and other similar genres.

WREN was a radio station from 1926 to 1988 originally in Tonganoxie, Kan. and subsequently moved to Lawrence, Kan., and then to Topeka. The new WREN started February 2012 online. It focuses on classic music.

Frank Chaffin, a retired independent marketing and advertising consultant, is now inĀ  charge of WREN, because with his retirement he could manage his time to restart old-time radio.

Their goal is to re-create radio as it was during the “fun and innocent” years in history, such as the 1950s and 1960s.

On their Facebook page, they define their new radio station by the following statement: “Listen to the new WREN Radio! Good Times and Great Oldies! Spread the word, the bird is back in Topeka! WREN!”

“We want to go through WREN to spread entertaining and educational experience,” said Chaffin.

The style of music is classical from the late 1940s through mid-1970s. In addition, old-time radio dramas and variety shows will be broadcast. There will also be educational, hands-on opportunities for youth with a week-end “Junior DJ Show.”

Their target audiences are older than 15, since they can better understand the meaning of rock’ n’ roll. They also want to attract more young people to listen to the radio and experience their old time sound because they have more time to listen. Their programs can be found on audiorealms.com.

“Keep listening and spread the word. WREN is back,” said Chaffin.