Summer orientation counselors help students adjust to campus life

Summer orientation counselors help students adjust to campus life

Summer Orientation Counselors are a group of students who run new student orientation over the summer.

They help incoming students, ranging from freshmen to transfer students to adapt to college life. They provide several orientations covering different parts of the campus life, such as financial aid, student life and classes.

The orientation is an all-day process. SOCs assist these incoming students experience the differences between high school and college. By receiving variable orientations, these new students enjoy the life in Topeka and know how to get involved on campus, as well as get along with their classmates. These orientations focus on all new students including international students.

“SOCs provide an eye-opening project to new students,” said Priscilla Samarripa, admissions counselor. “Students can know what they will experience and what they can expect from college life.”

SOCs are interested in a project, which is a great way to have influence on new coming student life. With these orientations, these students have a new positive attitude toward their college life. SOCs help freshmen get involved in Washburn and make sure they have a good time. Assisting the newcomers to have a meaningful college experience  is their main goal.

“There are difficulties with freshmen,” said Derek Fritz, SOC leader. “High school and college are completely different.”

The first difference is that college can be harder than high school at some times. Students need to have different ways to do things. Freshmen should be to organized, self-dependent and responsible. Having these orientations, freshmen can learn easier and be less stressed getting through the transition.

SOCs conduct student-on-student discussions to make sure the newcomers feel comfortable and provide information to them.

“For me, I just live to meet new people,” said Fritz. “My favorite time is lunch time, because of the casual time we can meet families and students there. It is a great time. We can be sort of a role model to newcomers.”

According to Fritz, excitement is the key part in summer orientations. Active attitude is another key part for this summer.

“The best part about them is that you never know what you can expect from it,” said Fritz. “Every student probably has their unique question.”

Having received these orientations, new students have some changes.

“In the morning, when they arrive from when they leave, you can see their change,” said Samarripa. “They looked nervous at the beginning and smile a lot at the end. They have already gotten ready to start their college life.”