Off the art walk’s beaten path

Blind to Color Artist Gary Cox is color blind but is still able to create beautiful stained art pieces that will be displayed this Friday at BA Designs, located at 4119 Southgate Drive.

BA Designs offers four chances a year for local artists to display their artwork in the interior design buisness’s building for the monthly first Friday art walks.  The artists don’t even have to be artists either, just people that produce artwork of some kind.

“This particular [art walk], we just wanted to [feature] the design community, so some of the designers here, [from BA Designs] are in the artwalks,” said Cindy Manry, a designer for BA Designs. “We also extended the invitation to architects and designers and people who are in the community, so that’s what this one is. People that don’t necessarily have a job as an artist, they just do art as a hobby on the side.”

One artist included in their exhibit is Gary Cox, who is actually color blind. He uses art to keep him busy, and to “prevent cabin fever.”

“I don’t know if I consider myself an artist buy I have enough skills to get some things done that I like,” said Cox. “I also depend on Lyndsi [Cox] to help with advice and colors as I am somewhat color blind.”

Because BA Designs specializes in interior design, this gives the designers that work there to create a theme and tie the art together in a fun way. This art walk’s theme is a “country fair” theme.

“We, as designers, like to do things that kind of pull it all together, design-wise, and feature the artists,” said Manry.

BA Designs is located at 4119 SW Southgate Drive, and because of their location, the designers putting on the art show decided to hire a karaoke band, Groovy Girl Karaoke, as well as provide refreshments to their guests.  Lyndsi Cox, a designer who is in charge of organizing this event, and daughter of Gary Cox, has additionally planned refreshments to give incentive to those attending the art walk to drive out to their location, which is off the beaten path.

“We are going to have a beer garden, which is like a buffet with tomato juice, pineapple juice, lemons and other things to flavor your beer,” said  Lyndsi Cox.

BA Designs was created by Beth Ann Brandon in 1995 in partnership with her family business, Martin Tractor Company, the second oldest Caterpillar dealership in the world. BA Designs is a full service interior design and contract furnishings dealership.