Bringing school spirit back to Washburn events

“Don’t be a spectator. Don’t let life pass you by,” said former college football coach Lou Holtz.

Holtz’s message is vague. There is no direct message or group of people targeted. Holtz leaves his message open for interpretation but what he is simply trying to say is to enjoy life and be active. As the new school year quickly approaches, students will return to continue their studies. And for those new students, many will be told to participate in various activities ranging from the rowdy Bod Squad to Greek organizations. No matter what extracurricular activity a student may choose, getting involved around Washburn is key making college worthwhile.

Washburn University traditionally offers over a hundred clubs or organizations to try to get students active on campus. Many organizations or clubs aim to enhance students’ skills in their fields of study while others are meant to add some fun into a busy work and school schedule. Instead of trying to repeat the same message to all those new Ichabods, I offer a different opinion; be just that, an Ichabod.

Although Washburn is only a Division II school the university still houses ten sports teams. These young men and women put just as much time and effort in as their bigger counterparts in Lawrence and Manhattan yet students still continue to think of the Ichabods and Lady Blues as unworthy of their attention. The student section for most of the school games last year was unimpressive as student sections looked bare and those who did attend sat quietly in the stands. High school games have more cheering and school spirit than what I saw last year. It was a total different atmosphere than what is to be expected at a college sporting event.

So for all you new and even returning students I ask you to make an effort to get out and not just be a spectator at Washburn sporting events but be an active participant.

People love to talk about how loud Phog Allen gets and how it rattles opponents. Washburn’s facilities are smaller and there are fewer students, but that does not mean we cannot be just as loud. Home field advantage relies heavily on those rowdy students in the stands. It is never to late to start new traditions at a school. Make teams truly fear the Bod.