VIDEO: Move-In Day gives students first taste of WU

The Living Learning Center hosted its annual Move-In Day Aug. 17. The day included numerous students and staff of the university helping volunteer to make it successful by providing refreshments, and words of encouragement for the incoming students.

The student organizations lined up  to greet the incoming students the anticipation to start the year was approaching. Students looking for a campus connection often find the move crew to be a welcome relief when arriving.  

“I chose Washburn after touring the school, and I really liked it here,” said Daniel Harris, nursing major.

Harris also will continue at Washburn all four years and stay on campus.

“Washburn offers a lot of options for living spaces, and I felt the LLC was a good option it was a great school,” said Harris.

While some students at Washburn come from surrounding areas in Kansas some students come more of a distance. Khadijah Pittman, freshmen is from Detroit, Mich.

“I chose Washburn because it was far enough from home, but close to family members,” said Pittman. 

The LLC also competes in residence hall contests and participated in homecoming events each year. New students are excited for this opportunity.

“[My goal is] a lot of south house spirit and to also be the best dorms,” said Elaine Januska, freshmen undecided major.