Offensive lineman Dieckhaus looks to impress this season

Bring on the Lopers Senior Steve Dieckhaus makes the transition from right tackle to left tackle. Coming into the 2012 season Dieckhaus has made 28 consecutive starts.

There will be many new faces on the offensive side of the ball for the Ichabods this year.  They have a new starting quarterback, Mitch Buhler, and the running backs will be led by freshman Donnie Lockhart.  With new personnel in these skill positions, the offense will rely heavily on experienced linemen.

Enter in Steve Dieckhaus and his crew of seasoned veterans.  Dieckhaus, newly appointed team captain, will lead his group of hog mollies as they attempt to repeat last years success of finishing 5th in the nation for total offense.

Being physical in the trenches is what Dieckhaus recognizes as the first step to accomplishing the team’s goals.

“We always want to be the most physical team,” said Dieckhaus. “That’s one of my main goals that I try to relate to the whole team. I think if we do things like that then our other goals of conference and national championships will fall into place.”

Dieckhaus finished last year with as a honorable mention all-MIAA for his play at right tackle but he doesn’t focus on those types of accolades and instead looks at the individual things that he must do to propel his team towards the playoffs. 

“I want to be known as the most physical guy in the conference, who doesn’t take a play off and leaves everything on the field,” said Dieckhaus.

Entering his senior season, Dieckhaus is expected to show both his experience and his leadership as he moves from right to left tackle. 

“He’s a great player and impacts the line with his leadership,” said offensive line coach Eric Eisenbarth. “He leads by example and he’s very vocal.”

Eisenbarth likes the example Dieckhaus has established for the younger players through his aggressive style of play.

“The guys see that and they understand it,” said Eisenbarth. “They learn it better by seeing it instead of me just saying it.”

The veteran left tackle believes it is very important to know when to be that vocal leader. 

“It’s gotta be specific and  it’s at the right time and moment,” said Dieckhaus. 

Dieckhaus commands a tight group who view each other as brothers, constantly saying the word “together”. 

“I’m playing for you, play for me,” said Dieckhaus.  “We’re playing for each other, and we bring that camaraderie and togetherness.”

When it comes to his relationship with sophomore quarterback Mitch Buhler, Dieckhaus believes the young signal caller has what it takes to lead.

“He’s young and he’s stepping up,” said Dieckhaus. “He’s a true sophomore coming in and I encourage him to control the offense more and more.”

Dieckhaus hopes that his gameplay this year will translate into a chance at the next level. He has some insight from former teammate Brian Folkerts, recently with the New Orleans Saints. 

“Folkerts was my roommate so I got to see first hand how it works,” said Dieckhaus.