Students form film club


A new club is emerging on Washburn’s campus searching for new members to join in their passion.

TriBODS is an up and coming film club directed at anyone and is interested in film. This organization hopes to ignite a camaraderie and communication between film, mass media and every variety of student intrigued by movies.

“We want to bring people together on a shared love of the genre,” said Shaun Collins, junior and president of the TriBODS. “[TriBODS] is designed to create and foster a film community on and around campus.”

Even as the club presents students with the chance to find where their aspirations lie, it hopes to give students the opportunity to interact with Topeka’s community.

The film club was first known as the Washburn University Student Video Association. Primarily, the idea for this organization sprung up from members mass media staff, specifically, Jaeyoon Park, Charles Cranston, and other mass media students. WUSVA had planned to orchestrate a film festival for the 2011-2012, but unfortunately the proposal never took off. The club, however, didn’t let the failed attempt set them back. The former WUSVA began the school year by renaming themselves and revamping their total image.

Through the face of difficulty the members of TriBODS have kept their positive stance on the chance to share and learn with other film enthusiasts.

“Film making is such an intensive process,” said Park, “One thing we can do is make and distribute films together.”

Although the club is still in the midst of establishing its identity, it has set in place the goals its members wish to meet. The club wishes to reach out to the community to further the connection between those who are captivated by film.

“TriBODS primary goal is to network between students and local businesses,” said Park.

Upcoming events for the TriBODS include the documentary showcase, DocuMatters, on from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. ,Nov. 15 at The Break Room located at 911 S. Kansas Avenue. DocuMatters will be co hosted and co organized by the TriBODS members and will exhibit succinct documentaries and surprise guest speakers. This event is free of charge and open to the public.

TriBODS also have planned a film festival for the upcoming spring session. “Ichaflix” will showcase a number of student’s films and give them the opportunity to be judged by their peers. The date of this event still has yet to be established.

TriBODS has recently elected four officers into the club, Collin as president, Jeremy Finnestad as vice president, AJ Dome as secretary, and Maci Miller as treasurer. The organization has yet to set up regular meeting times, but information will be released through their Twitter and Facebook feeds.

The club is eagerly looking for members to contribute to the identity and direction of TriBODS. For those who are interested injoining the club can contact Dr. Park at