‘Lawless’ Movie Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went in to see John Hillcoat’s new film “Lawless” but let me tell you, if you enjoy violence, blood and killing then this is your movie.

“Lawless” is based on a true story during the prohibition era.  It tells the story of the Bondurant brothers, Forrest (Tom Hardy), Howard (Jason Clarke) and Jack (Shia LaBeouf).  Together they run a successful liquor bootlegging business in Franklin County, Virginia with the help of Cricket (Dane DeHaan).

Guy Pearce plays Charlie Rakes, a special agent from Chicago who is the main antagonist in the film and if you are like me then you will spend half of the movie wishing you could walk through the screen and kick his ass.

Gary Oldman plays mobster Floyd Banner and I will say that I was disappointed not seeing him in the film that much but with all the characters that the film does have it was probably for the best.

There are two romantic stories that go on throughout the film.  One involves Forrest and Maggie (Jessica Chastain), a dancer form Chicago who comes to the country to become a waitress for the three brothers.  The other involves Jack and Bertha (Mia Wasikowska).  Bertha’s father is the local preacher and is not the biggest fan of Jack who came into his church drunk one day and makes a complete fool of himself.

Though the film does seem to start off slow in a way it is certainty worth the wait because if you are like me, half way through the film and until the end your heart may skip a few beats.

LaBeouf has certainty come a long way from being a Disney Channel star and I think that this is his best movie yet.

Despite all the violence in the film it is still an enjoyable movie and I do recommend seeing it, just don’t bring the kids.  When I say violent, I really do mean violent, I can’t think of another movie where they cut off another guy’s testicles and you get to see it in a jar.  The film really draws you in and I enjoyed getting to know and see each of the characters develop throughout the film.  The film is a mix between a gangster movie and a western I believe.