Washburn named 2013 best College

Amanda Narverud,

Washburn University has been named a U.S. News and World Report Best College in 2013. The U.S. News and World Report published an “America’s Best Colleges” report annually since 1985. The rankings are based upon data that U.S. News and World Report collect from each educational institution. The data is collected through an annual survey sent to each school or from the school’s website.

“Being recognized by U.S. News and World Report Rankings as a best college is an affirmation to our commitment in providing a high quality education,” said Richard Liedtke executive director of enrollment management.

According to a news release from Washburn University, the U.S. News assigns public and private institutions to a group of their peers, based on Carnegie classification. In the 2013 Best Colleges edition schools are designated national universities, national liberal arts colleges, regional universities and regional colleges. Washburn is in the regional university category meaning the institution provides a full range of undergraduate and master’s programs, but offer few, if any, doctoral programs.

While there is no funding model connected to these rankings, they are one of the resources that promote a positive image for Washburn. As prospective students begin the college search they look to many resources to help them make a decision. Washburn was ranked as the top master’s level public institution in the state of Kansas and 20th in the midwest region.

“[These rankings] help to support the message of a quality education, the vibrant campus, and our student’s success, in which many have come to experience and know as an Ichabod,” said Liedtke.

Washburn also ranks third among regional universities in the midwest of students graduating with the least debt. According to Liedtke Washburn is a journey where discovery, exploration and enlightenment take place and life-long bonds begin, while receiving a degree. Washburn students pride the university with being able to offer small class sizes that maximize student’s potential and faculty who mentor students and motivate success.

On average graduates from Washburn have less debt than other public institutions in the state of Kansas and nationally. The national average student debt upon graduation is $25,000. Washburn students graduate with an average debt of $17,970.

“Students and professors work together to enhance educational experiences and gain the most out [of] the learning environment,” said Liedtke. “Moreover, this is done at a very affordable cost when compared to many other institutions that possess the ability to provide the same level of quality Washburn is accustomed to.”