WU student and alumni showcase talents

There’s no denying the fact that Topeka has a wide variety of musical acts and this weekend will be no exception.

“The Cover Girls” will perform Saturday, Sept. 29 at Ice and Olives.

The group is made up of three members, two Washburn graduates and one soon to be graduate. Lauren Buser, Taryn Doty, and Jennifer Berroth all contribute to the group in a variety of ways.

The group calls themselves the Cover Girls for a few reasons, but Doty’s mother actually came up with the group’s name.

“It was fitting because none of us are great songwriters, but we enjoy performing and interpreting other songwriters’ music,” said Lauren Buser.  “The Cover Girls just made sense.”

Buser considers the trio a folk group, even though they cover many genres.

However, we do each do several solos per gig and then each member’s personal style shows individually.

“Jenni loves performing country music, I prefer blues, and Taryn enjoys singing laid-back coffee shop music,” said Buser. “We are all so different with unique voices and styles, but somehow we manage to collaborate on our trio music and it meshes so well.”

Saturday’s event does not include a cover charge, although the band encourages guests to arrive early.

“Ice & Olives/Java Bar is an excellent venue for several reasons,” said Buser. “Their food is fabulous and they have such a nice selection of coffee drinks. We are encouraging everyone to come eat a sandwich before the show starts to support the restaurant.”

Ice & Olives is located at 3627 SW 29th street.