“Real-life Hitch” visits Washburn

The real-life dating doctor, David Coleman, visited Washburn University to offer advice on dating and relationships. The 2011 Entertainer of the Year, is known throughout the country as the “real-life Hitch,” coaching clients through the crazy, confusing world of dating..

The Washburn Room in the Memorial Union was filled with students last Thursday, eager to hear the dating tips that have helped students across the country. The event was sponsored by Campus Activities Board, SRWC, IFC, Panhellenic Council, Health Services and First Year Experience. Coleman has been named the National Collegiate Speaker of the Year 13 times. He is a popular speaker in the college market and provides programs that directly address the issues facing today’s students and staff. With a Master’s Degree in College Student Personnel Administration, and thousands of appearances, Coleman understands the developmental needs of today’s student and his programs address those areas.

Coleman began his presentation by explaining how to tell within 5 minutes if someone was right for you. Lynnie Tran, a junior mass media major, met her boyfriend of almost two years during her freshman year on campus. Tran said they usually plan time to hang out a few days ahead of time, when ever their schedules allow some free time.

“Even though we both attend Washburn, we’re lucky if we see each other twice a week,” said Tran. “We usually just eat dinner and watch movies. If it’s still daylight out, we might go for a walk around campus.”

He explained his ABC’s of initial interest: attraction, believability, chemistry and desire. Students enjoyed segments of the presentation that were dedicated to pick-up lines. Students challenged Coleman with the beginning of a pick-up line to see if he knew the second half, Coleman has thousands of pick-up lines memorized and challenges students to stump him with one he has never heard.

Coleman emphasized his belief that first and second dates should be limited to one hour; this allows for an exit if the date goes terribly wrong, while it also allows for the desire for more time when the date is over, hopefully resulting in another date. Washburn has an enrollment of about 7,000 students with a variety of dating situations and an extensive list of date experiences.

Bianca Martinez, a junior biology major at Washburn, has been with her high school sweetheart for two years. Martinez said that she gets to see her boyfriend every day, since they both attend Washburn. She said that they typically go on simple dates.

“Dinner at home, $2 movies or fishing and riding the paddle boats at Lake Shawnee,” said Martinez. “Our main thing is to have fun and spend time together. How expensive the date is doesn’t matter.”