Rollergirls wanted!

Do you like rollerskating? Do you have a competitive side? Do you wanna bring out your inner rockstar?!

Do you want to be a part of something REALLY AWESOME?! If so, keep reading!

The Capital City Crushers, Topeka’s own all-women roller derby league is NOW recruiting fresh meat! If you’re a female over 18, have plenty of enthusiasm, a competitive nature and can laugh about being knocked on your arse in front of a crowd full of people… then roller derby may be your cup of tea! If you want to see what all the fuss is about, I dare you to stop by Sk8Away 815 SW Fairlawn in Topeka on Tuesday or Thursday from 8pm-10pm. You’re even welcome to skate if you wish. We’ll have you sign a waiver, get you hooked up with some protective gear and skates, and let you practice with the rest of the newbies! Don’t worry, all skill levels are welcome! Whether you’re clinging to the wall for support, or flittin’ around like a butterfly on 8 wheels….it’s all good!

Don’t think you’re roller derby girl material but would still like to get involved? We need referees and other NSO’s (non skating officials)… Now! Female or male, over 18, with enthusiasm and an interest in the sport is all we need – we’ll help you with the rest.

Check out our YouTube video!

Also, check out the recruitment section of our webpage for more information!

WHAT COLOR IS YOUR BLOOD?! GREEN & BLACK OF COURSE!!! See you on the track…if you dare!