Exceptional staff at Mabee

It’s no secret that Mabee Library is one of the best resources of Washburn’s campus. Not only is it good to get study habits on track, but it also has many other things to offer, such as personal help in finding sources for papers or just having a good time drinking a cup of coffee and watching TV.

What makes the Mabee Library so different from everything else? Why do students even choose to go to the library in the first place?

When asked about the best aspect of working at the library everyone was sure to include working with students in their answer.

“Our library is dedicated to provide a place and resource to support success to all who attend Washburn”, said Sean C. Bird, assistant dean of Mabee.

According to student workers at the library, they like working at the library because they get to interact more with the student population. The attitude of the staff and focus on student success is what they believe sets Mabee apart from other collegiate libraries.

“As an alumnus, I get to see how the library is changing to meet new standards” said Sean C. Bird.

Moving into the digital age of information isn’t a problem at Mabee. Mabee has the environment to allow students to work in groups and research online as well as use in-house resources. Cal Melick, public services librarian, explained how important it is to be able to find information.

“Research is a lifelong skill, we will always need to find new information” said Melick. “We research everyday whether we believe it or not.”

Being able to find information is key to personal and professional futures. Regardless of a student’s major, students need to be able to find information on a variety of topics and be able to understand what they are learning in class, then apply it to the real world. The staff at Mabee is more than willing to help any major find the information they need, all that’s needed is the courage to ask.  

Both Bird and Melick agree that working at the library is never boring because information is changing all the time and they are actually working in many different fields based on the research that they help students with from nursing to criminal justice.

Student workers also agree that the Mabee Library is a valuable resource with everything it has to offer.