Video and Twitter app spreads through the grapevine

Those of you who have not heard, there is a new app out there called Vine and you can download it for free.  Vine is used by connecting with your Twitter account. The app allows you to follow your Twitter friends and share videos.  The lengths of these videos are only six seconds, but there is a lot you can shoot in this amount of time.

When you are filming, you click on the screen and hold as long as you want the shot to be.  You then release and get into the next position and repeat what you did on the first shot.  You will have an amazing video to share online.

It has started to catch on and some videos are more creative than I have seen on the app.  I asked a couple students what they thought about the app and if they would use it.

“Personally, no,” said Chris Loomes a junior CIS major. “I wouldn’t use the app, but I am not a video maker.  So if you are someone who likes to make videos, this would be a good app to use.”

“If I had an iPhone, I would download the Vine app because I like the fact that you can make cool short videos and tell a story at the same time,” said Daniel Ornelas, senior at Washburn.

As you can tell, it impresses a lot of app users.  I encourage you to check out the Vine app and see what it is like for yourself, especially if you like filming or you like to make videos with friends.  Some friends and I like this app a lot and I believe it will be the next big social media tool.

Friends of mine who have droids can not download this app because it is not on their phones yet, but one should be coming soon.

Please note that the app can only be used by users who are 17 and over.