Letter to the editor, praising Jauken and crew

Bill Shaffer KTWU

Hello all,


I want to take a second to send out some high praise for our snow removal and facilities crew over this past weekend and the one approaching. Mr. Mike Jauken and his crew have done a fantastic job of cleaning up the Washburn campus for many years. I work on the Kansas Silent Film Festival (which occured this past weekend) and I can honestly say without this crew of dedicated guys, our event would not have been possible.

I arrived here Friday morning and watched them scrambling to remove ice and snow from walkways, steps, drives, roads and parking lots. Well before showtime, the campus was ready to receive visitors again. Our attendance was lower than usual, but I’m sure people just feared to get out and tackle driving on the streets (none of which looked like our Washburn campus).

I could not have been more proud of the great job that was done to clean up the area and have it ready in time. Numerous attendees made note of this fact and commented about it to me upon entering the Concert Hall Friday night and Saturday. My hat’s off to Mike and the guys for doing such a fine job. Thanks,


Bill Shaffer