Whispers about new app

Apps are growing rapidly by the day. One of these new apps is called “Whisper.”

It is an app where you take a picture and put a comment on that picture. Users can then reply with an image and a comment with their own picture. Users can respond to that picture as well. This can keep going as long as you want. This app is a fun and interesting way to connect to people out there.

“I think it is very interesting and a creative way to interact with other people,” said Taylor Schiefelbein, freshman art major.

This app can be used by all ages and doesn’t take much to learn. When posting your first picture and caption, the app gives you a guide to make it as simple as possible.

In the app you are anonymous and no one knows who you are, but the only problem I have seen with this  was when I tried the app, some users reply with a mean spirited comment. This is the only problem I had with this app because once someone did something mean, someone else would retaliate with another mean comment. With this going on, in the app it seems like it could be a new version of cyber bullying.

The app needs to have a way to hold users accountable for their actions, so the comments do not get out of hand.

The good thing about this app is it is free to download. It’s also started spreading to different forms. One of these ways is colleges are doing one where it can be used with students from certain colleges.

One thing I have seen when using the app, is that users often post photos with comments about wanting a relationship.

The thing that impressed me the most about the app was that there are no limitations to what you can think of for comments on pictures, and it’s great seeing what users come up with for their  replies.

For improvement with the app, I think it would be great if they add updates to make it function at optimal efficiency.

“I would rather use Pinterest because it is more organized and has more do it yourself crafts,” said Abby Lechner, freshman  social work major.

As you can see, many have their own opinion of Whisper. Check it out and decide what you think for yourself.