Tremors 2 Aftershock – Netflix movie review

Brian Cervantez

Recently I watched “Tremors 2” on Netflix. It is a sequel to Tremors, where it follows Earl Bassett played by Fred Ward, who is living in perfection and not doing much with his life after the his encounters with the Graboids. He is visited by a gentleman who is from Mexico who has a Graboids problem down in Mexico at his oil refinery. The gentleman pays Earl $50,000 for each one he destroys, but later the ball game changes to something much different.

The cinematography in the movie is mostly daytime lighting and there are very few scenes with night time shots. The lighting may not be much, but the special effects are done real well for it being a 90s horror movie. The real reason why I like this movie is because it is a horror movie with action and comedy which makes it that more fun. Whenever the characters get into a predicament, I never know what they will think of to get out of the situation. That is what makes it so much fun because I laugh a lot during this movie.

This movie may be cheesy compared to horror movies today, but it is just a thrill to watch. I rate this movie a 5 out of 5. ┬áJust don’t take my word for it and check it out on Netflix.