Ichabod soccer kicks off with first ever alumnae game

Ichabod soccer played its first alumnae soccer game on Saturday to prepare for the upcoming season.

The whole Ichabod team dressed in grey shirts to take on the alumnae who wore Washburn navy. There were roughly 35 alumnae who came to play, giving them the opportunity to sub in and out. The alumnae won 1-0 during two, 30-minute halves.

“I think it was really good for us because we were on a bit of a high during the course of the last week after the last result, and to not get a positive result out of it sends the message that we need to work hard all the time,” said Tim Collins, head coach for the Ichabods.

During the first half of the game, the Ichabods kept the alumnae’s defenders on their toes because the Ichabods had possession of the ball a lot. They had several shots on goal. However, the first half ended with a no score result.

“I’m really happy for goalkeepers that played for us at one time. I thought Jenna Hatlestad really saved them (alumnae) four or five times in the first half,” said Collins.

Also during the first half of the game, a Husky dog ran across the field and into the stands. The dog was reunited with its owner and did not cause an interruption of the game, although, the fans were ecstatic.

During the final half, the Ichabods did not have many shots on goal. The alumnae team scored when three members teamed up against the Ichabod’s goalkeeper, Tori Fuglister. Although, the Ichabods had time to tie it up, they were unable to do so, giving the alumnae the first win.

“It’s our second game. We are still getting use to the new people. We have 10 freshmen. It’s going to take time to get used to and obviously we have some great alumni,” said Taylor Mayhew, senior defender.

“It’s a whole new team. We have an old team, but we have 10 freshmen. We are just trying to mix it in,” said Bri Ament, senior midfielder.

There were several fans at the match, including friends and family members from both teams.

“I’m happy for them (alumnae) that they got a win and they will be talking about this for the rest of their lives, so that is a big plus,” said Collins.

Now that the team has had a successful match and an unsuccessful match, the Washburn soccer team still has a few more weeks to prepare for their first season game against Northern State University.

“We need to be a little bit hungrier. Instead of backing off of tackles, we need to be hungrier in going after them,” said Collins.