Talk Like a Pirate Scorch on the Porch draws in students

Students flocked to Memorial Union on Sept. 19 to take part in Washburn’s second Scorch on the Porch of the semester. This time, the event was to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Washburn Dining had set up a tent that provided students with a pirate themed meal that included a Caribbean pork wrap that also had black beans and cuscus. Sun Chips and a choice of Ice Tea, Lemonade, or Fruit Water. The Ichabod Shop also was there selling shirts and other wares at a discount, as well as handing out pirate themed party favors like eye patches, plastic telescopes, and skull-and-crossbones pencils.

A giveaway was also in progress and was supervised and sponsored by the iCard office. If students could answer a series of pirate themed trivia questions they’d be entered to win a pirate treasure, which was actually a card pre loaded with an undisclosed amount of Bod Bucks.

A Kansas City band, Brother Bagman was also on hand playing sea shanties and other acoustic songs. The band’s member’s Landon Leist and and Cole Harvey were on guitar and congo drums, respectively.

Gavin Romery, a freshman student said, “It’s been a lot of fun, there’s a sale and free stuff. Though, the food could have had a bit more flavor.” The food’s lack of flavor seemed to be a common complaint among students who also described the Caribbean pork wrap as bland or uninteresting. “The food was alright, but not something I’d eat every day. It just wasn’t my cup of tea,” said Christopher Robins, a freshman French major. Robins went on to say “I had fun, though I kind of stumbled into it, since I forgot it was Talk Like A Pirate Day. It was my first Talk Like A Pirate Day in a long time, so I’d forgot about it for a long time, but it found me again.”