New businesses arrive in NOTO

Greetings from Topeka: Last year brought both Redbud Park and The Tipsy Carrot to the NOTO Art District and joining them is the “Greetings from Topeka Kansas” mural. The mural is a must-see.

Kodee Christensen

Developed in the mid-1800s as an industry hub, today’s NOTO Arts District has a long-standing history of being a staple for shopping, dining and networking for community members.

While the area has been central to the Topeka community for almost 200 years, its atmosphere is constantly being matched with the ever-evolving interests of a bustling and prosperous city. 

The new year brings new entertainment, recreation and dining hotspots to the NOTO Arts District – they are the cornerstones to this growth. 

Fresh to the scene is Odin’s Lair, an axe throwing facility that provides individuals the chance to spend some time doing just what it sounds like: throwing axes.

“It’s outside of the norm of what Topeka has always had, and a memory that they should have, especially for students,” said owner Buddy Haynes. “For student groups, even groups of friends, it can be a decent memory of having fun, throwing axes and competing. Students could come in and throw axes, have fun, bond with friends and release stress, which is great come exam time.”

Haynes also made sure to remind people of the hidden bonus behind axe throwing. 

“It’s a good way to get exercise without knowing it,” said Haynes. “The next day people will have sore arms and abs.”

If you’re in the market for some stress relief, bonding time with friends or you have a free afternoon – check out Odin’s Lair. Walk-ins are welcome and reservations can be made to ensure a lane for 90-minute sessions.

You’ll be interested to hear that Topeka has a new park in NOTO welcoming you into the main shopping hub. Redbud Park offers a spot for people to come get some fresh air, admire the sculptures and murals or even catch the occasional performance on the Kaw Valley Bank Stage.

Directly across from the NOTO Arts Center and at the corner of Kansas Ave. and Gordon St., Redbud Park is conveniently located as a place to sit back and relax or take a leisurely stroll away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping and dining venues. Don’t forget to take your picture at the “Greetings from Topeka Kansas” mural.

If you’re looking for a twist on the usual ice cream outing, you can step out of the ordinary and into The Tipsy Carrot. With a menu boasting gluten and soy free dishes among other healthy treats, there is something for everyone at this new eatery.

“We make everything with the consciousness of treating yourself but not feeling guilty about it,” said owner Pedro Concepcion. “Our menu has no artificial dyes, corn syrup or added sugar. Our soups are gluten free and soy free for those with dietary needs.”

The Tipsy Carrot also partners with a farm local to Tecumseh for fresh fruit and vegetables and uses a hydroponic tower garden to harvest their own herbs for soups, salads and ice cream. 

“It’s what’s needed,” Concepcion said about the presence of a healthy eatery in the community. “We find restaurants that don’t cater to those with dietary needs. Making something everyone can eat and something that is delicious is our model right now.”

Whether you have a dietary restriction or are just looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your New Year’s resolution, you can be sure to find something at The Tipsy Carrot that is delicious, guilt-free and locally sourced.

These are just three of the establishments new to Topeka’s NOTO Arts District.

Grab a friend, classmate or that roommate you just haven’t vibed with yet and explore some of the hotspots NOTO has to offer.

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Edited by Adam White, Wesley Tabor