Ask Raz: Grading System

Question: I have this one teacher who knocks everyone big time for every little writing error. What is such the big deal?

Answer: Well, considering everything that we do involves language (spoken or written), writing is a big deal.

First of all, you had to type to ask me that. Additionally, the only way for people to understand you and your communication is for you to structure it in such a way that it is clear. Let me simplify: If you do not speak or write clearly, no one will understand you.

This serves for every function on the planet that involves you communicating. You text, tweet, send emails, speak and hear things. All of that involves language. Writing comes out of that. Have you ever had the experience of talking to someone who made no sense? It seemed perfectly obvious to them, but you were totally clueless? That’s how our professors feel every time they read a paper that has poorly constructed concepts and worse grammar.

I am not the best at checking for grammar and I write fairly informal in my articles. If I were to write things that made no fluid, logical, progressive sense, no one would read it. That’s how our professors (and everyone who reads badly written emails) feel every time.

Why does writing matter? Primarily, because it’s the only way you’ll ever be understood.

Don’t think they are being hard on you. Frankly, they’re attempting to help you succeed in life and teach you skills that will last you until the end of ages!

Pro tip #1: turn in rough drafts, talk to your professors about their writing expectations and ACTUALLY FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES. If you do rough drafts, actually follow through on the editing.

Pro tip #2: You are making college SO MUCH HARDER on yourself if you resist constructive criticism. I know it might defy general logic, but following through really will enable you to write papers more quickly, proficiently and with a language that communicates clearly and effectively.