“Jack the Reaper” is a great Halloween pick on Netflix

While on Netflix recently, I was looking for another horror movie to watch, specifically one for Halloween night. What I found was a movie called “Jack the Reaper,” which is about a group of unsuspecting teens who go on a field trip. They think everything is normal until a railroad person named Jack changes the children’s plans and they get trapped in his carnival.

I am always looking for horror movies that are often overlooked, so this movie was great for me to watch.

The movie had some great sound effects to get my senses running wild. In certain scenes nothing was happening on screen and all you can hear is a lady’s creepy voice. I also noticed that when this voice came on the actors started to get more scared at what was going on because the action picked up once this started to happen.

One thing I really liked about this movie was the lighting because it also had the actors reacting more to the scenario that they were in at the time. This was especially noticeable each time someone died or went missing because the Ferris wheel lights would turn red. The lighting was also good in the scene where one of the girls in the group decided to stay on the bus. While she was in the bus, she had very small amounts of light in her scenes to intensify her mood. This made it very fun for me to watch because as she was trapped in the bus and Jack was on top of the roof to scare her into coming out of her safe zone, but she did not budge.

I also liked the music for when the children are at the carnival because it was amusing to have an odd sound for a horror movie, but it worked because once Jack started terrorizing them the music went from fun to serious which helped to make the fear real.

The actors made the whole movie believable because of their acting. What I mean by this is that in one scene some of the kids are yelling at one another when all of a sudden Jack comes up behind them. This makes the actors jump and I could tell that they had the genuine look of fear on their faces, which helped me to put myself in the situation.

The last thing that was a key factor to make this movie believable was the outfit they had for Jack because he looked alien-like and had bad teeth. Also, his eyes were large and I felt the terror that was being inflicted by the villain.

This was a great movie to watch and I would have to say it had me looking over my shoulder because I had not felt terror like this in a horror movie for a while. My rating for “Jack the Reaper” would have to be a solid 4 out of 5 stars because of how well it is put together. Go check this movie out because it does not disappoint.