“Movie 43” is on Netflix now

As I was looking for a movie to watch this week, I realized that I have already seen most of the movies in the theater. I decided to look on Netflix and ended up watching  “Movie 43,” which was initially released back in January of this year.

This movie includes some of the biggest stars in Hollywood today, such as Hugh Jackman, Common, Dennis Quaid, Seth MacFarlane and many more. Due to mature content, this movie is rated R and is not recommended for young children. The movie is about a producer who is down and out in the business. He tries to pitch his ideas to a movie producing studio about a bunch of film ideas.  The movie itself is shown in a series of scenarios based of his movie ideas.  Each film scenario had different movie genres that ranged from horror to comedy.

Some of the short films were outrageous and funny because they were over the top. I also really enjoyed seeing some of these Hollywood stars in these kinds of scenes.  This made it fun to watch because I wanted to know if the next short film was going to top the one before it.  In most cases, it did.

The thing I did not like in this movie was the fact that the cinematography was the same in most scenes.  When I look at movie lighting, I like to see a lot of contrast because it pulls me in and makes me interested in the story. Also, when I see a comedy there are typically many different types of comedy included even if they are set up like spoofs. Spoofs are movies that make fun of other movies all in the same genre.

There also seemed to be a lack of emotion in many scenes, which made it appear as if the actors were not really into their characters. However, this made the movie more interesting for me to watch because I got to see some of my favorite actors in a different light than what I am used to. For example, in a few of the shorts some of the actors like Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet kept faces in their scenes that were obviously not intended to be serious.

One of the scenarios made fun of the movie “Glory road” by having an all-black basketball team face an all-white team. In the scenario the black team tell their coach they don’t know if they can beat the other team.  The coach replies by saying you’re black there’re white and you are going to win this game.  Due to the fact that this film has different scenarios and i do not want to spoil the film.

This film had a lot of mature content in each scenario. Their is some adult language that could be offensive to some.  Their is some violent and graphic content that takes it to a whole new level.  I would not recommend that parents let their children watch this movie on Netflix.

This movie was fun to watch, but the movie as a whole lacked substance and felt rushed. Netflix users give “Movie 43” a 3 out of 5 stars. My rating would also have to be a 3 out of 5 stars because there could have been more to this movie.  It is still funny and I would suggest that it is worth watching. If you like this movie,  “21 and Over,” “The Sitter” and “A Haunted House” are some other suggestions for you to check out.