Fourth graders visit Student Media Office

Fourth grade students from the gifted program within the Seaman District visit the Student Media office Thursday. The students started their day with a tour at WIBW-TV, Channel 13.


Eleven students from elementary schools in the Seaman District came to visit Washburn’s newspaper office Thursday, Nov. 14.

The students are part of the gifted program that meets Thursdays at Elmont Elementary School. The students began their day by visiting the facilities at WIBW-TV, Channel 13.

Their favorite part of the tour was the green screen.

The students and their teacher, Charla Jerome, are learning about broadcasting, advertising and journalism.

Later in the afternoon, the students will visit the Ritchie House and experience the underground railroad.

The students have many learning opportunities through the gifted program.

“We get to do fun stuff,” said Landon. “We get to see people from all different schools. We get to do activities that are on the computer and other hands-on experiences.”