‘National Lampoon Christmas Vacation’ is a great holiday movie to watch now on Netflix

Christmas Vacation is a classic holiday movie that all families will enjoy. I would give it a five out of five rating.

This time of year people are getting with their families and trading old stories as they spend their holiday time together. Many families like to spend some time together sitting around watching holiday movies that help bring Christmas spirit.

Recently my family and I were looking for a holiday movie to watch. We went on to Netflix and found a holiday classic that everyone could relate to. It is “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” which is the third installment in the National Lampoon vacation movies following the Griswold family. This installment of the vacation movies is focused on the Griswold’s and their plans to have a big family Christmas, but as usual there is always some disaster that strikes when the Griswold’s get together.

One of the things that make this movie so great is how well the actors play off one another. The moment I always like when watching “Christmas Vacation” is the interaction between Clark Griswold played by Chevy Chase and Cousin Eddie played by Randy Quaid. The moment to me that shows these two playing well off each other best is when Clark finally gets his lights to work and he is thanking everyone, then all of a sudden he hears a voice and has a look of shock on his face because Eddie is there.

I also like when Clark is putting the lights up because when he tries to light them they don’t work so he goes nuts.  This is funny to me because we all seem to have these problems when putting up lights. When one light does not work they whole thing does not work and it can be frustrating.

The music in the movie works real well and fitting for key moments. One of the moments for example is the choice of music for when the lights finally work. I thought because it is like a Christmas miracle that they finally worked. Also another great thing is when Clark is daydreaming by the window and thinking about his new pool that he will have installed they play a Hawaii type Christmas song. This works because he is thinking of the summer time and relaxing by his new pool.

This is one of those great holiday movies that the whole family can enjoy and relate to because we all have probably had some of the problems that come when the whole family gets together for Christmas. It is just one of those holiday movie that will bring the family together laughing for Christmas. If you like this movie then you might also like holiday movies such as ‘Jack Frost’ and ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas.’ Enjoy the holidays!