Washburn email: Sun Java to Office 365

The merger from Sun Java System Communication Express to Microsoft Office 365 will take place Monday, Dec. 23. 

I thought we should take a moment to update everyone on the Office 365 migration that is taking place right now.

By the end of Monday, Dec. 22, all the active faculty and staff accounts for Washburn University and Washburn Tech will be moved over to Office 365, with some exceptions noted below. The migration of student accounts will start this morning.

There may be some individual accounts that are missed, particularly some adjuncts and part-time staff who do not currently have an active job status in Banner but who should still retain email. If you have experience any problems with the merger, please email [email protected] or by phone at 785-670-3000.

At the end of the Dec. 22, the following groups will still be pending migration to Office 365:

• (Most) Active Students


•Washburn Foundation staff

•Board of Regents members

The process is intended to complete student and retirees account migrations by Jan. 1 and the Foundation staff and Board of Regents accounts shortly after school resumes from the holidays. Everyone is anticipated to be moved to the new system no later than Monday, Jan. 6. As part of a the merger, Washburn email will keep the Sun Java System operational until March 17th (Spring Break) at which time the service will retire.

This excerpt comes directly from messages sent by [email protected]:

* A final sync of your mail is in progress. We are moving all of your mail,except for the Trash folder. No mail should be lost. If anything is missing, please contact us.

* If you currently forward your mail to an off-campus address (forexample, to Gmail or Yahoo), the forwarding has stopped. You will have to set it up again on Office 365. (Log in at, click on the gear icon in the upper-right, choose Settings, and click “Forward your email” from the list on the right.)

* Don’t use the “E-mail” or “Calendar” buttons in MyWashburn. These can only be used to review old e-mail and calendar entries. These buttons will be removed entirely on March 17.

* At this time, the Chrome browser is not supported. It does not support the authentication process.