Friend Fatima: How can I learn to feel more comfortable?

Q: How can I learn to feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin? 

A: This is something I think a lot of people struggle with. And with the start of the new year it’s an easy resolution to have. We’re all different in our own way, but we’re all guilty of focusing on the negative aspects of ourselves instead of the positives. 

We worry about what we look like, if our clothes  match, whether we said the wrong thing in front of our classmates, etc. We’re so busy worrying about those big details that we forget to enjoy the little things about ourselves. 

No one is perfect – that’s a given- but how you choose to fault is on you. If you’re not proud of yourself you’re not going to feel comfortable or confident. So before you do anything ask yourself “is this something I would do?” If so, don’t worry about it. The first step toward confidence is believing in yourself. If you rely on moral support from others to always back you up, you’ll never be truly confidence when no one else is around. And lets face it, we can’t always have an entourage. 

Another easy thing you can do is spread kindness. I know that may sound strange but it’s an easy confident booster. If you take the time to smile and say hello to people you pass on campus (or people you know and never really acknowledge) that not only helps you overcome that awkward shyness most of us have, but it also shows other people you care. Taking the time to care about people will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. 

The smallest smile can make a person’s day, including your own, and they’re contagious. Whatever good you put out into the world truly does come back to you.  

If you can wake up and honestly love at least one thing new about yourself every day, you’re off to a great start. Just stay true and trust yourself and you can never go wrong.