Washburn Jazz band performs at White Concert Hall

As the Jazz band gets into rhythm, the saxophone takes center stage.

This past Wednesday, Feb. 26, the Top Washburn jazz band, along with Seaman High School’s jazz and percussion ensembles, performed in White Concert Hall. It was a spirited performance full of fast up tempo classics, some swingers, and also a few soulful ballads.

“Eleanor Rigby was my favorite,” said freshman music education major Michael Reynolds. “It’s a really chill rendition of the song and the lead tenor saxophone solo was just wicked.”

The performance was intended as a preparation of sorts for the Washburn jazz band’s trip to Wichita on Friday, Feb. 28, where Kansas Music Educator’s Association convention is being held.

“The concert this Wednesday was a culmination of the students hard work and their willingness to perform at a high level,” says Dr. Craig Treinen, director of the Washburn Jazz Studio. “KMEA is the reward for their efforts.”

The Kansas Music Educators Association (KMEA) is an organization of music educators committed to the concept that the study of music is a positive influence in the lives of individuals and society as a whole. They believe that, “Music is an integral, vibrant part of life. The lifelong process of learning, performing, creating, and appreciating music brings meaning and richness to our heritage and culture” (ksmea.org).

The Washburn University Music Department shares this opinion, which is why they are taking an entire group down to Wichita this Friday.

Senior Andy Rhodes, co-president of Washburn University’s National Association for Music Educators group explained the annual musical exodus.

“It is good for our organization to attend this convention because we get to observe differnet exhibits and presentations from professionals in the field we wish to pursue,” Rhodes said. “It’s a great way to learn from role models and to begin networking for the future. Plus we get to see some phenomenal performances.”

Rhodes is also a member of the Washburn Jazz band that performed this past Wednesday night.

“I particularly enjoyed the first song, Superbone Meets the Budman. It’s great to play because it is very well written,” said Rhodes. “I wish more people would come out to see us because it’s a great opportunity to hear a lot of talented musicians perform for free.”

For anyone interested in great music, the next Washburn jazz event will be March 11, 7:30 p.m. at White Concert Hall.