Washburn University ‘last one standing?’


With the threat of Tuesday’s winter storm, state offices and most all area schools and colleges have canceled for today. Washburn University has yet to close and many students are wondering why.

While other schools were announcing closings, Washburn students went to social media to express their concerns and frustrations.

Even WIBW news anchorwoman Melissa Brunner tweeted last night about Washburn’s decision, or lack of.

“OK. @WashburnUniv – you are the last one standing! Have you made a decision to close yet?” tweeted Brunner.

As students favorited and retweeted Brunner’s tweet, Brunner updated that there were actually at least two still remaining open, Washburn and Emporia.

Washburn University’s twitter account tried to remain positive as students continued to ask about classes.

“Hey all, I don’t have control over a snow day decision, but I will let you know as soon as I know what the decision is. Stay classy Ichabods,” Washburn twitter replied.

This morning as questions flooded in, Washburn University advised students concerned about coming to class to talk to their professors.

“Unfortunately I can’t make the decision,” a Washburn University tweet said.

Some professors had already told their students to stay home, others cancelled this morning via e-mail. The school of nursing cancelled clinicals the night before.

“As of now, Ichabods, classes are still on as scheduled. If there are any changes we will be sure to let you know. Be safe and use discretion in your travels,” posted Washburn on their Facebook status.

Washburn students who did attend campus today were provided free scrapers.

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*Update: Washburn University and Washburn Institute of Technology will be closed and all classes are cancelled for Wednesday 02/05/14. Essential personnel report as required.