Zombie Massacre on Netflix


“Zombie Massarce,” also known as “Apocalypse Z,” is a 90-minute, Sci-Fi flop rating only 2.3 out of 10 stars on imdb.com The unrated film is on Netflix.

Recently, I decided to look through Netflix for a zombie movie to watch. I eventually found one that sounded interesting called “Zombie Massacre.”

The movie is about a bioweapon used by the American government to create super soliders. Instead, the bioweapon turns all the people of a small town into zombies.

A team is then sent in to blow up the powerplant and make it look like it was all just a horrible accident so the government could cover up their involvement in the matter.

I thought this different take on a zombie movie would be fun to watch because of the government being involved.  As is typical with most zombie movies, “Zombie Massacre” was disappointing.

I know I shouldn’t have had my hopes up, but the synopsis made me believe the movie would not be so predicatable. Sadly, this is the first thing they give away in the movie. The only people that don’t know the truth about the situation is the team that is sent in  to the town because they are hired to do a job.

The movie starts out well with a scene of the small town and the people in it. Suddenly, there is a black cloud that begins to fill the air and everyone starts to turn into zombies, this was one of my favorite scenes from the movie.

One unspecting lady from the town goes outside to see why sirens are going off when all of a sudden some black rain begins to hit her hand.

When she goes back inside to wash it off she starts to have a seizure and her eyes turn all black. Next, her body starts to change into a more hideous form. When it comes to zombie movies, I like to see special effects stand out, which is one of the reasons this scene put me on the edge of my seat.

In the following scene, a zombie attacks a person who stops to see all the “people” acting different and is shocked. Suddenly, a zombie comes up behind him and proceeds to rip his bottom jaw clean off. This was welcoming to see because most movies in this genre do the same thing over and over.

Sadly, after this scene the movie goes to normal stereotypical zombie kills, which was unfortunate because I wanted to see something new and unusual.

The story line disappointed me because there was nothing driving the team. To be honest, I found myself starting to fall asleep during the movie. This is why I would have to give “Zombie Massacre” two out of five stars, and only because the special effects were fun to see. But don’t take my word for it; go check it out.